Science Level A Student Worktext
Science Level A Student Worktext
Science Level A Student Worktext

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Science Level A Student Worktext

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Recommended for Grade 1. 234 pages.

The Level A Student Worktext contains 36 lessons, each six pages in length. The lessons are designed for five days of instruction.

  • Day 1: "Engage" - students observe, describe and discuss;
  • Day 2: "Inform" - includes content to be read aloud by the child and/or parent;
  • Day 3: "Expand" - students conduct an experiment to reinforce concepts learned in the previous two days;
  • Day 4 : "Expand" - your children review the results of the hands-on activity and answer higher-level cognitive questions (explain, compare, predict) about the scientific principles they have learned;
  • Day 5: "Assess" - each child completes a brief quiz to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and help aid long-term retention.

Lessons 1-9: Life Science
Lessons 10-18: Earth Science
Lessons 19-36: Physical Science

Concepts studied include: plant structure, life cycles, solar system, surface tension, sound and density, and more. A full list of lessons is available in the Level A Scope & Sequence.

Download a sample lesson here.

The Science Level A Teacher Guidebook is required to teach this program.

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This Student Worktext is 100% recyclable.

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This is a great science workbook for my 1st grader. We did not buy the kit, but are able to find the materials through other avenues. It is colorful and keeps my child's attention. [Source: Christian Book, September 24, 2010]