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Careers with Concerned Communications / A Reason For®

Our Company

Concerned Communications has been in business for over five decades, and was founded with the mission of equipping teachers and inspiring students through Scripture-based educational resources.

Our primary focus is the publication and distribution of academically excellent materials that reflect biblical values and provide true differentiated teaching for students of all learning styles.

We currently publish programs in Handwriting, Spelling, Science, and Guided Reading, with the ultimate goal of pointing to God as the source of all wisdom, and creating lifelong learners by making academics fun and engaging.

Our Culture

We are a small company with a history rooted in Christian values. Operating out of our offices in beautiful Northwest Arkansas, our team of employees enjoys a relaxed but hard-working atmosphere. If you are self-motivated, adaptable, and ready to pitch in where help is needed, you may be the person we're seeking for one of the employment opportunities below. We invite you to contact us for further information about any of the positions listed.

Current Openings


(download job description here)

We are seeking a candidate with:

  • Personal values that align with our company’s culture and mission. The members of our team are passionate about equipping teachers and inspiring students with academically excellent, Scripture-based resources that point to God as the source of all wisdom.
  • A “never quit” attitude. We're seeking someone who is motivated to meet and exceed goals, and is not easily discouraged by obstacles.
  • Ambition and drive – a deep-rooted desire to give your best effort, and the willingness to work hard to achieve results. - Excellent communication skills. You must be able to deliver information efficiently and accurately, and have good judgment about when and how to engage contacts.
  • The ability to build relationships and rapport. You must be able to connect with different personalities, possess the listening skills to hear and understand what existing and potential customers need, and have the persistence to follow up with contacts.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Actively pursue new opportunities with schools in your assigned sales territory, and communicate regularly with existing customers.
  • Manage telephone and e-mail contacts (both inbound and outbound) in a timely and conscientious manner. Generating leads and turning inquiries in to sales opportunities is crucial, but it is also important to represent A Reason For with integrity and professionalism.
  • Ask or respond to questions, to enable you to better understand the specific needs and requirements of existing customers and new prospects.
  • Meet specific engagement thresholds for your assigned territory. You may be asked to participate in targeted outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Learn to identify cross-selling, up-selling and lead generation opportunities.
  • Develop and/or utilize a list of new prospects in an assigned sales territory, and initiate contact by telephone and/or email.
  • Maintain an awareness of events affecting private and parochial education (especially in assigned territory), and identify relevant information to use and share with fellow sales team members.
  • Stay up-to-date with curriculum trends that may impact sales.
  • Develop and apply strategies to use your knowledge of products, teaching methods, changes in requirements, or other relevant information to achieve sales goals.
  • Provide product presentations/demonstrations via phone and internet, as needed.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Has 5+ years of experience in the education field (whether in administration, teaching, or sales) OR 5-10 years in sales/marketing with demonstrated ability to develop and execute sales and marketing strategy.
  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree from an accredited university or institution, or equivalent experience and education.