Handwriting Level C Student Worktext
Handwriting Level C Student Worktext
Handwriting Level C Student Worktext
Handwriting Level C Student Worktext
Handwriting Level C Student Worktext

A Reason For

Handwriting Level C Student Worktext

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Recommended for Grade 3. Cursive. 176 pages.

A Reason for Handwriting Level C Student Worktext begins with 27 daily lessons introducing basic cursive letter formation. After completing the introduction, the work text proceeds to 32 weekly lessons, which each provide 10-15 minutes of daily practice. On days 1 - 3, children write letters and words from the week's Scripture verse. On day 4, they trace over the entire verse as written in the work text. On the final day, they'll select a Border Sheet from the back of the book, and write the week's Scripture verse in their best cursive handwriting, then use their creativity to color the design on the Border Sheet.

Note: The weekly verse in A Reason For Handwriting Level C corresponds with the same week's theme verse in A Reason For Spelling Level C, thus reinforcing the Scripture content of each lesson.

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Customer Reviews

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Paula McElvania

This is a great curriculum and children love it.

Deanna S
Perfect Amount of Daily Work

My children agree with the title of this book! They feel that having a written scripture at the end of each lesson is a great reason to practice cursive. It is the perfect amount of daily cursive work. [Source: Rainbow Resource, April 13, 2020]

Rebecca H

Unfortunately the writing is more transitional cursive than classic & while I like the content, I'm not a fan of the method. Doesn't provide enough practice/ repetition before moving to the next letter.

Having said that-- my 4th grade son loves it. [Source: Rainbow Resource, November 18, 2019]


Love this curriculum. My son looks forward to the coloring page at the end of the week of practice. [Source: Rainbow Resource, September 23, 2019]

Elisabeth Ross
LOVE this!

LOVE this! Pros: It lives up to its name and gives your student a reason for handwriting Forget dull workbooks where you just copy random stuff For 3 lessons students practice words and letters from the Scripture paraphrase of the week On lesson 4 the student traces the whole verse On day 5 the student chooses a bordered paper writes the verse in his/her best handwriting and colors the border AND students are encouraged to GIVE the page to someone else as a type of service outreach We have been laminating them & giving them to shut-ins we visit I feel that the amount of copy work is reasonable for each day about 1/2 workbook page Cons: I chose to start my son in Level C because he already had been writing cursive since preschool (3 yrs) and this is the first all cursive book However the cursive size was a lot smaller so that was a bit of a challenge at first I do not feel that the teacher NEEDS the guidebook at this level although since it is a one-time purchase it would be worth it with younger/multiple students I definitely recommend the Desk card; it has cursive on one side & manuscript on the back [Source: Rainbow Resource, January 25, 2013]