Spelling Level D Teacher Guidebook, 2nd Edition
Spelling Level D Teacher Guidebook, 2nd Edition
Spelling Level D Teacher Guidebook, 2nd Edition

A Reason For

Spelling Level D Teacher Guidebook, 2nd Edition

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NEW AND REVISED 2nd EDITION includes updates to weekly read-aloud stories, dictation sentences, student exercises, and more.

Recommended for Grade 4.

The Level D Teacher Guidebook contains more than 350 pages of detailed instructor information, reproducible worksheets, and lesson plans that correspond with the Level D student work text.

The Teacher Guidebook contains placement tests for Level D, as well as the previous Level C.

Level D includes 32 weeks of Spelling lessons.

Each 5-day lesson plan consists of activities, games, and quizzes, as well as enrichment suggestions for Visual, Auditory and Tactile learners. Day 1 begins with a read-aloud story to engage your child and introduce the topic and theme Scripture text for the week, then moves on to a preview exercise to gauge which of the weekly spelling words need the most practice. Throughout the week, children complete various activities and games to help master the spelling words and underlying concepts. The week concludes with a post-test to demonstrate progress.

Note: The weekly theme Scripture text in A Reason For Spelling Level D corresponds with the same week's verse in A Reason For Handwriting Level D, thus reinforcing the Scripture values found in each lesson.

Download a sample lesson plan here.

Download the Placement Test for Level D.

Download printable Level D Post-Test pages here.

Download the Spelling Scope & Sequence.

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Lisa Taylor
The best of every spelling program imaginable

The best of every spelling program imaginable has been incorporated into this series All bases are covered for every learning style which has allowed my twins who learn very differently from one another to excel in spelling! To prepare I do - nothing The lessons are even scripted which is helpful for those "newer" teachers Is it worth the expense? Yes yes yes

PLEASE NOTE: Review was originally written for a previous edition of this item.
[Source: Rainbow Resource, July 11, 2007]