Spelling Level A Set (Limited Stock)
Spelling Level A Set (Limited Stock)
Spelling Level A Set (Limited Stock)
Spelling Level A Set (Limited Stock)
Spelling Level A Set (Limited Stock)

A Reason For

Spelling Level A Set (Limited Stock)

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Recommended for Grade 1.  Set Includes:

  • 1 Spelling Level A Student Worktext (Limited Stock)
  • 1 Spelling Level A Teacher Guidebook (Limited Stock)

Download the Level A Placement Test or Scope & Sequence.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Amy V
    Had issues with the placement

    It didn't work well for my student. Level A was too easy but Level B was too difficult. She didn't care for many of the activities. It's a good program and would work really well in a classroom, but this particular kid felt like it was busy work mostly. [Source: Rainbow Resource, January 30, 2019]

    Donna Brunetti

    I bought this product along with several other levels for my children I have struggled to find a spelling program that works for us and found myself trying a new one each year I loved the idea behind this one but I found it to be too teacher intensive me As a mom of 4 I am on a budget and could not buy the audio so I was reading 4 different stories each Monday I spent over an hour each day teaching spelling alone I think this is a great spelling program for Christian schools and I have used many of the ideas in it but I do not think it is an excellent program for a mother of multiple learning levels [Source: Rainbow Resource, March 22, 2013]

    Lisa R

    Spelling is not one of my childs strong points due to dyslexia but this program really "put a fire under her" for spelling There is very cute stories that build character included and the ideas they give you for studying and remembering her spelling words were wonderful!!!If your child is a "hands on" learner like mine they will enjoy this Does involve some worksheets but also has great hands on activities too! [Source: Rainbow Resource, July 30, 2012]

    Ruth Taylor

    We purchased A Reason For Spelling for the first time last year my daughter's first grade year We had also purchased A Reason For Handwriting and I loved the fact that the same Bible verse was used in her handwriting and spelling work The Reason For Spelling workbook is appealing in a number of ways The amount of prep required is minimal the workbook is illustrated in a colorful cartoonish way that appealed to my daughter and the assignments teach to different learning styles At first my Perfectionist Paula didn't like the fact that she didn't know how to spell all the words on the pretest done at the beginning of the week but she soon got the routine down and allowed herself to make mistakes knowing that she would know how to spell the words on the end of the week test The end result is that my daughter learned to spell a lot of words without it being a frustrating thing like I hear from so many people My daughter called the extra phonics assignments at the beginning of the book her fun pages but I thought they were a great review I highly recommend this program! [Source: Rainbow Resource,
    September 1, 2009]


    I absolutely love A Reason for Spelling!! My kids hated spelling until I discovered this wonderful program. This is now their favorite subject! It's fun, colorful, engaging, hands on, and keeps the children interested. When my kids enjoy something, they learn better! These books also include scripture and a meaningful stories at the beginning of each lesson which is great. I plan on using all the different levels for all my four children as we continue our homeschool journey! [Source: Christian Book, June 22, 2012]