Science Level B Teacher Guidebook
Science Level B Teacher Guidebook
Science Level B Teacher Guidebook
Science Level B Teacher Guidebook

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Science Level B Teacher Guidebook

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Recommended for Grade 2. 240 pages.

The Level B Teacher Guidebook contains detailed plans for 36 lessons, each six pages in length. Lessons are designed for five days of instruction.

  • Day 1: "Engage" - parent guides students as they observe, describe and discuss;
  • Day 2: "Inform" - reading aloud (by the parent and/or child);
  • Day 3: "Expand" - step-by-step instructions for conducting an experiment that demonstrates the knowledge gained in Days 1 & 2;
  • Day 4 : "Expand" - review questions to guide kids through assessing the results of the hands-on activity and answering higher-level cognitive questions (explain, compare, predict) about the scientific principles they have learned;
  • Day 5: "Assess" - a brief quiz to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and help aid long-term retention.

Each lesson plan includes additional notes to help with instruction, a "Teacher To Teacher" section with facts and insights to help engage your child's attention, and extended teaching activities to build upon and reinforce the principle being taught each week.

Lessons 1-9: Life Science
Lessons 10-18: Earth Science
Lessons 19-36: Physical Science

Concepts studied include: classification, environments, weather, changes in matter, spatial relationships, and more. A full list of lessons is available in the Level B Scope & Sequence.

Download a sample lesson plan here.

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