Handwriting Level T (Transition) Student Worktext
Handwriting Level T (Transition) Student Worktext
Handwriting Level T (Transition) Student Worktext
Handwriting Level T (Transition) Student Worktext
Handwriting Level T (Transition) Student Worktext

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Handwriting Level T (Transition) Student Worktext

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Recommended for Grade 2 or 3. Includes both manuscript and cursive. 240 pages.

The Transitional work text is designed to facilitate a gradual shift from manuscript to cursive handwriting over the course of the school year. At your discretion, your child may review manuscript for as many as 29 weeks, or may transition earlier in the year and focus on learning and practicing cursive letters for up to 36 weeks.

    Contents of the Transitional student work text include:
      • 10 practice lessons reviewing manuscript letter formation,
      • 27 weekly lessons in manuscript,
      • 45 practice lessons introducing cursive letter formation,
      • 27 weekly lessons in cursive,

      Lessons provide 10-15 minutes of daily practice. 

      On days 1 - 3 of weekly lessons, your child writes letters and words from the week's Scripture verse. On day 4, he traces over the entire verse as written in the work text. On the final day, he'll select a Border Sheet from the back of the book, and write the week's Scripture verse in his best handwriting, then use his creativity to color the design on the Border Sheet.

      Download a sample lesson here. For more information about when to use Level T, click here.

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      This Student Worktext is 100% recyclable.

      Customer Reviews

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      Jessica Hunley

      Handwriting Level T (Transition) Student Worktext

      June H

      Good stuff [Source: Rainbow Resource, February 16, 2020]

      Jennifer M

      I like that you can have them practice both types of writing, and that the kids can just open and do it without me. Handwriting has improved with using cursive. [Source: Rainbow Resource, April 2, 2019]

      Tarrah W
      Great transition

      My son has been asking to learn cursive and this workbook is a great place to start. There are enough lessons to take up a whole year, but we are only using the cursive part and it is working for us as we are also using level B for printing practice. [Source: Rainbow Resource, February 5, 2017]

      Amanda R
      love it

      I am very pleased with this workbook. Its a short amount each day so my kids don't get overwhelmed. I love how they can write the entire memory verse and color the outside edges is the design in the page so to make a gift for someone. [Source: Rainbow Resource, August 9, 2016]