Handwriting Level A Student Worktext
Handwriting Level A Student Worktext
Handwriting Level A Student Worktext
Handwriting Level A Student Worktext
Handwriting Level A Student Worktext

A Reason For

Handwriting Level A Student Worktext

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Recommended for Grade 1. Manuscript. 160 pages.

A Reason for Handwriting Level A Student Worktext begins with 30 daily lessons reviewing manuscript letter formation. After completing these, the work text proceeds to 28 weekly lessons, which each provide 10-15 minutes of daily practice. On days 1 - 3, your child will write letters and words from the week's Scripture verse. On day 4, he will trace over the entire verse as it appears in the work text. On the final day, he can select a Border Sheet from the back of the book, and write the week's Scripture verse in his best handwriting, then use his creativity to color the design on the Border Sheet.

Note: The weekly verse in A Reason For Handwriting Level A corresponds with the same week's theme verse in A Reason For Spelling Level A, thus reinforcing the Scripture content of each lesson.

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Customer Reviews

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Paula McElvania

Great product for all grade levels.

Elliot J Derricks
Handwriting and Scripture memorization combined!

I love how this curriculum kills two birds with one stone. I’d been looking to add scripture memorization into our homeschooling and these books make it so easy!

Love these books

We’ve got this and the spelling book. Love them both and am so happy they tied scripture into schoolwork. I think I got more excited than my daughter for these books and her handwriting is improving each and every day. Can’t wait to continue using them to help her write and learn cursive.

Michele D

A Reason for Handwriting series is a great way for children to practice their handwriting It works wonderfully for various learning styles using tactile (writing practice and art) audio (listening to the lessons which are very interesting) and visual (art) The books are easy to use I also like how God is incorporated into the lessons and scripture in the various books My older kids really enjoyed the creative outlet while learning These products are very worth the cost For anyone wanting to teach manuscript style writing I do not think there is a better workbook out there The only negative (in my opionion) is that it teaches manuscript and I decided to go with Getty-Dubay (italic) Even so I am going to use it with my other children and have them practice italic writing on their sheets Although I am teaching my children a different style of handwriting I prefer the well done lessons in A Reason for HandwritingThe Level A student workbook is basically a penmanship practice workbook with daily practice and review of a weekly scripture and ending the week by writing that scripture on the special border paper that is provided at the end of the workbook (a variety for the student to choose from) Students are encouraged to write their very best on these border sheets and give them to people as gifts helping to make the tediousness of writing practice worthwhile Teacher involvement at this level amounts to watching for correct letter formation checking the final product and giving suggestions on how to improve if necessary You do not need level A to practice handwriting but it does the work of putting together daily manuscript practice for the teacher The border sheets helps give the child more incentive to do their writing practice too [Source: Rainbow Resource, January 7, 2004]

Deb Dashiell

I was amazed by the progression my daughter made this year in her handwriting She has gotten several comments on how nice her handwriting is and this was not the case several months ago! She finished this program in one semester often trying to work ahead of daily assignments! One page a day is just right and prevented her from being overwhelmed Letter formation is illustrated with arrows as your child progresses from tracing to writing letters and words on his/her own The book progresses from teaching how to properly right each letter of the alphabet words then complete Bible verses that are copied onto frame-able sheets they can color for display I will use it again next year [Source: Rainbow Resource, March 14, 2007]