Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)
Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)
Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)
Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)
Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)
Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)
Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)
Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)

A Reason For

Guided Reading-All Books (95 Books)

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Complete set of all 95 A Reason for Guided Reading® Leveled Readers in Levels A–M. Your child can learn to read with confidence using this Bible-based program that provides instruction, practice, and proficiency with a Scripture focus.

Complete set includes the following Leveled Readers:

Adam Named the Animals (Level A)
It is Good (Level A)
Let My People Go (Level A)
Who Will Be In Heaven? (Level A)
School Tools (Level A)
See Baby Jesus (Level B)
Baby Is Sleeping (Level B)
Joseph's New Coat (Level B)
God's Promise (Level B)
Help Me! (Level B)
Angels Care For Me (Level B)
God Can See Me (Level B)
I Like To Ride (Level B)
Baby Lamb (Level C)
Come To Me (Level C)
Daniel and the Lions (Level C)
God Makes the Sun Shine (Level C)
I Can Draw (Level C)
All My Pets (Level C)
I Share My Toys (Level C)
Little Big (Level C)
What Do You Know? (Level C)
A Dark, Dark Night (Level D)
Jericho March (Level D)
Noah's Ark (Level D)
The Day God Rested (Level D)
Water! (Level D)
Jesus Hears Me (Level D)
My Favorite Place (Level D)
Put God First (Level D)
Jesus Helps His Dad (Level E)
Daniel Prayer (Level E)
A Very Little Man (Level E)
Me, Too! (Level E)
In Heaven I Will (Level E)
Grandma, Kitty & Me (Level E)
Let's Clean Up! (Level E)
My Friend and I (Level E)
Naaman (Level F)
Let The Children Come (Level F)
God Calls Samuel (Level F)
How Far Is It? (Level F)
God Made Plants (Level F)
God Made Light (Level F)
Peter On The Water (Level F)
Fishers of Men (Level G)
A Big, Big Lunch (Level G)
God Made Birds (Level G)
Ten Precious Coins (Level G)
Jesus Loves Me Anyway (Level G)
My Forever Friend (Level G)
Michael Never Gives Up! (Level G)
I Can Pray (Level G)
Little Lamb and the Shepherd (Level H)
Creation (Level H)
The Prayed For Baby (Level H)
Levi's Lunch (Level H)
God Made Animals (Level H)
God Made the Sun (Level H)
Jacob's Ladder (Level H)
Blind, Blind Bart (Level I)
The Ten Lepers (Level I)
The Two Houses (Level I)
The Empty Tomb (Level I)
The Surprise Breakfast (Level I)
The Wedding Feast (Level I)
Joseph, Egyptian Slave (Level J)
Joseph's Dreams (Level J)
Impossible! Impossible! (Level J)
The Mysterious Star (Level J)
Tabitha (Level J)
David & Goliath (Level J)
I Will Come Again (Level J)
Jonah and The Whale (Level J)
Joseph, Egyptian Ruler (Level J)
Joseph Helps The King (Level J)
Rahab's Red Rope (Level K)
The Lame Man (Level K)
God Made Sea Creatures (Level K)
Josiah, Boy King (Level K)
Baby Moses (Level K)
David & Jonathan (Level K)
Peace, Be Still (Level K)
The Prodigal Son (Level K)
The Jailer's Surprise (Level L)
Esther Becomes Queen (Level L)
Deborah (Level L)
Esther Saves Her People (Level L)
Ruth (Level L)
The Fiery Furnace (Level M)
The Good Samaritan (Level M)
The King on Trial (Level M)
The Saddest Day (Level M)
The Sower and the Seeds (Level M)
The Unexpected Guest (Level M)

Readers only; does not include story guides for each book to aid in reading instruction. 

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Yumay Polston

Great service!

The Books are Wonderful

I couldn't be happier with these books! Thank you for creating Christian leveled readers.