Guided Reading Transitional Library Books (38 Books)

Set includes the following 38 "Transitional" (Level D–H) Readers:

A Dark, Dark Night (Level D)
Jericho March (Level D)
Noah's Ark (Level D)
The Day God Rested (Level D)
Water! (Level D)
Jesus Hears Me (Level D)
My Favorite Place (Level D)
Put God First (Level D)
Jesus Helps His Dad (Level E)
Daniel Prayed (Level E)
A Very Little Man (Level E)
Me, Too! (Level E)
In Heaven I Will (Level E)
Grandma, Kitty & Me (Level E)
Let's Clean Up! (Level E)
My Friend and I (Level E)
Naaman (Level F)
Let The Children Come (Level F)
God Calls Samuel (Level F)
How Far Is It? (Level F)
God Made Plants (Level F)
God Made Light (Level F)
Peter On The Water (Level F)
Fishers of Men (Level G)
A Big, Big Lunch (Level G)
God Made Birds (Level G)
Ten Precious Coins (Level G)
Jesus Loves Me Anyway (Level G)
My Forever Friend (Level G)
Michael Never Gives Up! (Level G)
I Can Pray (Level G)
Little Lamb and the Shepherd (Level H)
Creation (Level H)
The Prayed For Baby (Level H)
Levi's Lunch (Level H)
God Made Animals (Level H)
God Made the Sun (Level H)
Jacob's Ladder (Level H)

Readers only; does not include story guides for each book to aid in reading instruction. 

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