Guided Reading Emergent Library Books (22 Books)

Set includes the following 22 "Emergent" (Level A–C) Readers:

Adam Named the Animals (Level A)
It is Good (Level A)
Let My People Go (Level A)
Who Will Be In Heaven? (Level A)
School Tools (Level A)
See Baby Jesus (Level B)
Baby Is Sleeping (Level B)
Joseph's New Coat (Level B)
God's Promise (Level B)
Help Me! (Level B)
Angels Care For Me (Level B)
God Can See Me (Level B)
I Like To Ride (Level B)
Baby Lamb (Level C)
Come To Me (Level C)
Daniel and the Lions (Level C)
God Makes the Sun Shine (Level C)
I Can Draw (Level C)
All My Pets (Level C)
I Share My Toys (Level C)
Little Big (Level C)
What Do You Know? (Level C)

Readers only; does not include story guides for each book to aid in reading instruction. 

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